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Valuation tree a longtime again I just feel like it www.melbournevaluers.net.au justneeded that sort of you know productionover the top of the air okay well if youif you're trying to charm a snake it wasperfect yeah just better to bring theorchestra in this I can see myselfsitting under that tree so the listenersas they bracing themselves for your signoff at this point they know it gets alittle bit less serious but if you'rewondering what that means is thatthere's a time and a place foreverything and and if you want to enjoythe benefits of investing the earlieryou can get in the better so the biggestrisk is human behavior oh and that'sprocrastination because killer of wealththat we know it's progressed that's therisk of not doing anything becausethere's people who is listening to thisright now man who that's just struck achord with them yeah we know thatbecause we see lots of them in ourbusiness we're like I've been meaning todo this for ya fill in the gap monthstwo years six years yeah so there aresome people who are listening to thisand they'll be thinking that's actuallyright if I because everyone said thestory about the one that got away allthe one that could have been and if youread some of the case studies on in someof the magazines like Australianproperty investor your investmentproperty magazine valuation.

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The in propertyinvestment advisor of the year all rightfolks www.brisbanepropertyvaluations.com.au you're on the property couch theinside is driver property investing he'sBen Kingsley I'm Bryce hold away and weare coming to you from the Sydneyproperty by Expo just come off stagerecording an episode of the podcast withdr. Andrew Wilson doctor the doctor wasa lock that was in the house so muchgreat content really and passionate youknow actually you know quite bullish onthe market was he he was he I gave someinsights all around the country but onething that you can never accuse dr.andrew wilson on is not being passionateabout the answers that he gives to thequestions we are so in fact detailedresponses there I read it but it'sdefinitely worth the effort becausethere is some gold content English yeahwe looked a lot at Sydney we also did acouple of your questions listenersquestions one on earth and we also adilup the Melbourne mark as well so there'ssome really great stuff there there issome really great stuff is a bonus stickaround to the end of this podcast alsobecause we know that we're going to giveyou some free content from the gooddoctor himself some really awesomeslides that he's made availableexclusively to the property couchlessness so let's get into it let's getinto it so I hope you enjoy the next minutes and we remember to stickaroundhands.


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Ratio across Perth has fallen toa pre GFC level of Meaning thetypical household will Property valuation spend about fivepoint four times their annual householdincome to buy the typical Perth dwellingHobart has been experiencing animproving housing market over the pastyear with values now eight-point-fivepercent higher than a year ago acrossthe tasmanian capital the strong housingmarket performance comes after a longperiod of sedate conditions with theaverage growth rate over the past decadebeing on a . percent per annum hobartremains the most affordable capital cityin australia and it's also showing thehighest rental yields of any capitalcity interestingly and somewhatsurprisingly the Darwin housing markethas shown an improvement in growthconditions with annual capital gainsmoving back into.




Financialindependence so if we can at least teachpeople some www.valuationsvic.com.au of the real pitfalls anddangers and then also embellish thatwith some fundamental understanding ofwhat we do people aren't going to makechronic mistakes they're stillpotentially going to need to getprofessional advice but we really canyou know clear the air around where notto go yeah well agreed andusing last week is a segue where wetalked about investment stock versusinvestment grade I think that's aperfect sort of I guess bridge intotoday's discussion because there is areal risk the people in sydney right nowbecause of the fear of missing out whichyou talked about last week and the factthat even the taxi driver is giving youadvice on which property you should bebuying that people will get caught upwith thinking well this is a marketthat's growing anyway so I don't need toworry about whether its investment-gradeor it's just investment stock becauseeverything's going up into it but thechallenges we've seen it before yeah wedo it's called the psychology of theinvestor and by that it's not it's notjust a chin to property investing it'sactually attuned to any type ofinvesting and you know there's the greatI'm trying to.

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That you can do whether it'sgoing to happen in the next six weeks Australian Property Valuations itdoes take time
so when you're trying tobuild the plan either for yourself orfor your clients how do you know how much is enough so
how many propertiesyou need what's the dollar value andguess how do you work it out I guess itall I will just run through
some basicscenarios here so let's say for instanceyou want to have a hundred thousanddollars passive.