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Ok, many of us know probably the most popular mini RC out available on the market could be the Traxxas mini E-Revo and its chassis sharing cousins: The Rally, Slash and mini Summit. So what is the finest solution to electric power these mini machines? Can we make use of a NiMh battery, LiPo battery, and how about parallel and sequence units? We're going to break this question down for our readers and provides some responses!

Therefore the mini E-Revo from Traxxas is an exciting chassis in that it could possibly acknowledge two batteries and operate them both in parallel or series. Parallel linked batteries include MAH (capability) for more operate time though collection linked battery packs include voltage for more energy and speed. Regardless of what the choice, we must be certain that the 2 batteries are definitely the identical model, type, and capacity. An additional alternative should be to merely run a single battery pack.....although due to the look on the chassis, a lot of people today feel that their RC car or truck will operate lop sided on account of uneven body weight distribution.

Traxxas warns that two 7.4V 2S Lipos must not be series linked because the voltage with be as well higher, and bring about the Traxxas ESC to quite possibly overload. Traxxas doesn't alert in opposition to making use of two six cell NiMh packs in order that can be a popular configuration that pace hungry folks run inside their mini E-Revos. The brushless variations can run upwards of fifty mph within this configuration. Speed would not occur without compromise; the ESC and the motor can get very incredibly may possibly the battery packs when they aren't the greater high discharge type Nimh. Be cautious operating this type configuration, and give a while for every little thing to cool down. I like to recommend a 5 minute break for each and every 10 minute run.

To just take benefit of the Lipo's reduce pounds, lots of persons obtain 3S eleven.4V packs that in good shape the mini E-Revo and operate them in parallel. Make certain that they can in good shape in advance of will find lots of different choices out there. Get at the very least a 20C rated type to circumvent overloading the battery packs. Much like the Nimh battery packs....provide a five moment break for each 10 minute run. Over heating the motor will lead to the magnets to unfastened electric power and render the motor unrepairable and fewer capable to place out its unique output.

Parallel managing two battery packs provides two benefits: more time run time and shared load. With two batteries in parallel the power draw is dispersed concerning the 2 packs making sure that they don't get over stressed. So a set of 20C 1800 mah seven.4V Lipos linked in parallel would act and conduct just like a 40C 3600mah seven.4V Lipo.

Series operating two battery packs provides the advantage of better top velocity, and acceleration for the reason that the voltage is doubled. Jogging in sequence, two 7.2V 1500 mah battery packs would act like a person 14.4V 1500 mah battery. The disadvantage is higher amp draw from your motor which also will create heat for your ESC, battery, and motor. So opt for this feature thoroughly and know that greater speeds come with higher put on and probability for harm to the many elements involved with managing higher voltage electrical power.